It’s FREE – no eBay coupon code required

Did you know that you can get most anything  that you want for FREE on eBay? No kidding it’s true. You can freely steal from  single moms, the unemployed, folks that rely on eBay to eat and anyone else selling on eBay. Caveat venditor!

All it takes, is for you to be a dirt bag, like Theres Assaad, 535 E Orange Grove A, Burbank CA 91501. You see, Mr Assaad knows something that you probably don’t.  He knows how to get stuff for free on eBay using the eBay SNAD Scam.

If you do a Google search for ebay SNAD Scam, it returns over 1.8 MILLION results. Ironically, one of the best explanations of the scam appears in the PayPal forum (an eBay property)

Following is a  NSFW video that showcases the scam:

I chronicled my own experience with the SNAD scam here

In that post I explain what i am doing to combat this abuse by eBay – I’m interested to see if it works.

I’m fortunate to be in a position where losing $200 will have ZERO impact on my life. What concerns me is that eBay, a multi-billion dollar corporation is complicit in this scam that certainly must be impacting folks that CAN NOT easily afford to lose $200.

If you are an attorney itching to initiate an eBay class action suit, here’s the chance of a lifetime. Imagine the money that can be made from suing such a HUGE corporation with DEEP pockets. I’m handing you the opportunity of a lifetime .  Don’t pass this one up.