Penn & Teller “Get It”

I was in Las Vegas last week for Pubcon, an event dedicated to internet marketing. I happened to be on the same flight as Todd Malicoat, aka stuntdubl. Todd has a reputation as one of the smartest internet marketing minds in the business. He is also widely recognized as being the nicest guy in the world of internet marketing. Todd once again showed his generosity by treating 40 of his friends & colleagues to the Penn & Teller show at the Rio. Thanks Todd!

Penn and Teller are not only great magicians, but they are great marketing guys, too. They aren’t afraid to push the envelope – going so far as to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater (no kidding) and even blowing up the American Flag (which they make sure the audience recognizes as an illusion). Not many people can get away with that!

At the end of the show, both magicians bolt for the exits – not to escape the crowds, but to GREET the audience as they exit the theater. Both Penn & Teller HAPPILY signed show tickets & posed for autographs with their fans. These are two guys who really understand who pays their way. Sure its old school – and it works! There was a time when most businesses in America treated their customers the way that Penn & Teller treat their audience. Customer service standards seem to be steadily eroding, as I have eluded to in previous posts. It’s a shame that Penn & Teller stand out as the exception, not the rule – but for that very reason – I would encourage you to catch their act the next time you find yourself in Sin City!

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