Restaurant Week is Back!

I’m a student of all things marketing. This blog is about all things marketing – except one – internet marketing. Not that I am a stranger to SEO / SEM. In fact, just the opposite.

Truth be told, I have sold my internet marketing soul to Jim Boykin, of As COO of WeBuildPages, Jim has exclusive rights to my SEO musings, which can occassionally be found on his blog,

Actually, marketing is marketing and what works offline can often be applied online. The trick is to figure out the twist to make it work.

As a small business owner, I have a special spot in my heart for other small business owners. I cringe whenever I ask for a good restaurant recommendation & get Applebees, Fridays or any other generic corporate food mill. I asked my Dad where my family could treat him to a special meal for his 70th Birthday. You guessed it – Cheesecake factory – aauugh!

Ma & Pa restaurants are very much like the “bob in the basement” webmaster. They are at a real disadvantage when it comes to competing with the corporate guys. One VERY successful marketing campaign is this one:

The Capital Region´s first and best Restaurant Week is back, September 24-29, 2007! Don´t miss your chance to experience multi-course meals at some of the region´s greatest dining establishments for only $16.09!

That’s right – a 3 course meal for just $16.09. Being the big spender that I am, I treated my wife to a great Italian meal at a restaurant that – not only had I never been to, but never even heard of.

This promotion put 2 new fannies in their seats and it was now up to them to earn a customer for life. I am happy to report that they succeeded.

This is a wonderful win-win proposition. I bet there’s an online twist that could work equally well if you just put your mind to it.