News Alert – Exceptional Service is alive & well at Valet Park of America

It may sound cliche, but its true. A really bad customer experience offers an opportunity for creating a POSITIVE outcome and GOOD word of mouth for a company. Case in point: Valet Park of America. These guys manage the parking garage at Albany Medical Center. On a recent visit to the hospital, one of the parking attendants got into a fender bender in the garage while parking my wife’s car.  Not good.

Upon returning to the car, the attendant immediately pointed out the damage, apologized for the incident & assured my wife that they would take care of the expense of the repair. This was later followed up by a phone call to the house. A cynic might think that this was nothing more than  VPA playing CYA, but its not like there was a threat of a personal injury suit here. This was just old fashioned customer service.

Our body shop faxed the estimate to Valet Park of America & VPA quickly made a direct payment to the shop. No jerking around. No money out of pocket. Sweet!

This was followed up one more time with a letter from Michael Chagnon, Director of Quality Control, Valet Park of America. In the letter Mr Chagnon apologized again for the “unfortunate experience” and thanked my wife for her patience. He also included a gift card to a local restaurant and his business card with an invitation to contact him in the future. IMPRESSIVE!

Isn’t it ironic that while Toyota is cutting back on QC, a company like VPA takes it seriously?  It takes a lot to impress me, but I am thoroughly impressed by the actions of Michael Chagnon and Valet Park of America. I would strongly encourage every company to follow their lead when it comes to Quality control and customer service.

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