How to Fight the eBay SNAD Scam

I wasn’t aware that you can get anything that you want for free on eBay, thanks to their “Buyer Protection” program. To be accurate, this should be named the eBay seller screw job program.  The seller takes all of the risk and eBay plays the role of “consumer advocate”, regardless of the facts.  Unbelievable.

I personally took a hit for $201.00. If you find yourself in the same position, the only recourse available is a banking dispute.  Here’s what my bank provides for a dispute form and how I completed it:


Please be sure to send copies of all supporting documentation that applies to the transaction(s) listed below to the Operations Department with this form, completed and SIGNED BY THE CUSTOMER.  If the complaint was taken by phone, send a copy of this form to the Operations Department, and a copy to the customer to sign and return.

1)             Date Signed Complaint Received: _________________

2)             Name of Person Taking Complaint: _______________

Department/Branch: _______________

3)             Customer’s Name: IMA Scam Victim

Address: 123 Main St, Hometown, USA

Phone Number: 555-1212

5)                   Account Number: 9999999

Card Number: 1234 5678 9102 3456

(This is the entire number listed on the customer’s plastic card)

6)                   Date(s) of transaction(s) in question: Jul 02, 2012

Location(s) of transaction(s) in question: eBay

Dollar amount(s) of transaction(s) in question: $201.00

7)                   Reason for dispute (please check the one that applies):

___ _ Customer did not authorize or perform above mentioned transaction(s), freeze card

Any cards involved in unauthorized transactions will be frozen, there will be no exceptions

_____ Customer was charged twice in error

_____ Customer was charged the wrong dollar amount

______ Customer was charged, but did not receive goods/services

X   Other : Victim of eBay SNAD SCAM :

Detailed description of problem:

The scam works like this (from the buyer’s/scammer’s perspective):

Buy something from some unfortunate person on eBay. (In this case it was me)

After it arrives, file a dispute stating the item was significantly not as described (SNAD), the seller isn’t working with you to resolve the issue, and ask Customer Support to resolve the case.  (In my case, I went so far as to create a video and post it on youtube so there could be NO misunderstandings: ) This appeared in the eBay for sale ad:

Wait a few days for Customer Support to decide in the buyers favor. They will always decide that way in a SNAD case. They are well-trained monkeys. (That is what happened in my case)

You’ll get a refund and be asked to ship the item back to the seller. Send them a box of rocks instead; eBay doesn’t care much.. (In my case the “box of rocks” was a damaged phone, virtually in pieces. This scammer appears to be a phone refurbisher. Upon inspection, it looks like he kept my phone and returned a busted up unit that he had in its place.

Action requested: This is a well documented scam, with over 1.8 Million reports on Google. eBay never investigated my claim. The unit was sold As Is, with no returns – an option supported by eBay.

The unit condition was FULLY DOCUMENTED in a YouTube video for the buyer. There was no possible way for the unit to be classified as SNAD (Significantly not as described).

Instead of returning my phone in the same packaging and condition, the buyer (a phone refurbisher) sent me a different phone – non-working and broken – literally in pieces. This is fraud.

With no oversight on the part of eBay, unscrupulous buyers can ripoff sellers day in and day out, with seemingly no recourse for the seller. .eBay’s failure to police returns makes them complicit in an operation that is clearly unfair, unethical and possibly illegal.

I want those funds replaced ASAP.

9)             Customer’s Signature (required): _________________

****Please Note****  If there is more than one person on the account, the owner of the CARD that was used to perform the above mentioned transaction(s) is the person that must sign this form.

Cross your fingers & hope for the best