Do you plan on failing?

I’ve dealt with hundreds if not thousands of both SEO’s & remodelers over the years. Many are sole proprietors. They do an outstanding job day in and day out. They not only meet client expectations on a regular basis, but they exceed them. So how come so many are either broke or stuck at a […]

What a Surprise – No response to my Better Business Bureau Complaint

October 29, 2009 Better Business Bureau, Inc. 100 Bryant Woods South Amherst, NY 14228 re: John Anderson, Pro-Tech Masonry, Pro-Tech Boat, RV and Mobile Home Supply (518) 899-4780 or (518) 466-5439 (complaint ID #ACFD0-C9F09-2C432-7A4E1-7D7F5-4F042-9F) Dear Charles Price: The Better Business Bureau has processed your complaint to the above referenced company. Our purpose is to serve […]